What It Takes To Have Secure Window Replacement

What It Takes To Have Secure Window Replacement


Various reasons compile homeowners to carry out window replacement. The main reasons include to enhance the general appearance of their homes, to improve energy efficiency and make their homes feel more comfortable. All these have a far-reaching impact on raising the value of the home.

However, apart from the reasons mentioned above for replacing windows, there are an additional two reasons that sometimes homeowners underestimate; security and privacy. When you install new windows Barrie, you can expect to enjoy better energy efficiency and improved curb appeal. But the new replacement windows will play a significant role in the privacy and security of your home. Here is how.

  1. Wooden Window Frames Are Strong.

Apart from an unlocked door, nothing makes the heart of a burglar happy than a home with weak and rotting, old window frames. The effort needed to knock down the window is minimal. However, the new windows are enough to scare away would-be burglars.

  1. Old Windows Are Prone To Breaking.

Apart from a weak spot on the window frames, would-be burglars are also keen to notice the old windows Barrie. Generally, old windows are weak and provide a quick entry point to burglars. Especially if you have old single-pane windows, your home may not offer any resistance to burglars. The burglar will not need to knock down the entire window, all that he needs is to reach the locking mechanism and open the window open. Installing new replacement windows Barrie will keep your home out of reach to burglars.

  1. New Locking Mechanism Is What You Need.

The rotating locking mechanism usually used in old windows is prone to breaking. Sometimes homeowners choose to install bolt locks, but that doesn’t even solve their vulnerability since when the door is broken, the locks never hold well. As such, your new window replacement should encompass the use of codes or key activated locks that will be entirely impossible for would-be burglars to bypass.

  1. Safety And Privacy Adds-On Ideas.

Apart from the above security measures, there are additional safety and privacy adds-on ideas that you may consider during window replacement;

  1. Security Films.

This involves fixing translucent safety films on the interior side of the panes of the replacement windows Barrie. This makes your windows more secure.

  1. Shaded Films.

You can choose to incorporate a splash of hues or choose an opaque window by fixing decorative films during your window replacement project. These films are cheap, effortless to install, and will offer your windows an improved level of privacy from would-be-intruders.

  1. Reflective Films.

This is another great way of enhancing the privacy of your windows. It encompasses fixing double reflective films on the replacement windows. These films are just the way they sound; reflective. They transform the outside of your home into reflective mirrors without hindering you from observing what is happening outside.

If you have made up your mind to install new replacement windows, you have a lot of aesthetic ideas to choose from. All these efforts will impact the value of your home positively.

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