What is Hydrostatic Testing for Plumbing?

What is Hydrostatic Testing for Plumbing?

Homeowners know that plumbing leaks can cause a great deal of damage to their home. The leaks can lead to power outages, the growth of mild, and blooding. There are some tests that a plumber can perform to see if a pipe is leaking. Hydrostatic testing is a simple way for the plumbers to check the pipes and the water levels in the home.

How the Test Works

A plumber fill allows the water to run into the pipes so they are filled out. The water supply is then turned off for a short period of time. They will then check the water levels to see if there have been any changes in the water pressure. Once the pipes a filled there will be an inflatable test ball that it put into the sewer system. In some cases, a toilet may need to be removed to get to the ball. Once the ball is in the system the plumber will wait 15 minutes. They will then look for changes in the water level. If there is a change in the water pressure and it drops, there is likely a leak somewhere in the plumbing system. The plumber will conduct further inspections to determine the location of the leak. This test is often done on a new construction home to determine if there is a leak in the plumbing during the home inspection process. This test can help a homeowner find a leak and fix it early before a major repair is needed.

Reasons to Use this Testing

Hydrostatics is said to be one of the best ways for a plumber to check for leaks. The results are predictable and the test is easy to do without causing damage to the home. it does not take a lot of time for this test and to see results. There is no special equipment needed and it is easy for the plumber to tell if there is an issue in the plumbing. If a leak is found in the sewer system then further inspection can be done to find the exact location of the leak. A camera may then be inserted into the system so the plumber can find the exact location of the leak.

Benefits of this Test

There are many benefits to hydrostatic when it comes to testing out a plumbed system. The test is easy to perform and will not cause damage to the home. A plumber can tell if there is a problem in as little as 15 minutes. This test is reliable and has been used for many years to determine if water levels are dropped and if the water is escaping the plumbing system due to a leak.

If No Tests are Performed

There are some homeowners that will not test their pipes or have them inspected. This can have negative consequences. If there is an undetected leak it can lead to foundation problems and it may lead to flooding and the development of mold. It is best to have a plumber and perform this simple test then ignore the pipes. If there is a problem the repairs are going to be much more expensive then these simple tests to make sure the pipes are in good condition.

It is important to test the plumbing system in the home to see if there are leaks. The hydrostatic test is an easy way to determine if there are leaks in the plumber system so they can be fixed right away.

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