The Garage: an Essential Part of a Successful Move

The Garage: an Essential Part of a Successful Move

Are you moving soon and have not thought of getting your garage ready for the big day? It’s time for you to think about it since the garage is one of the things you should think about first when you make a move. We use this room to store all kinds of things that we do not use or to store our memories and other objects that we forget too often. In short, the garage contains a multitude of objects of all kinds that we must think about moving or not if we do not need it anymore. Here are some tips that will help you reduce your stress when moving your garage, especially if you are dealing with a professional removalist such as Quick & Easy Removalists Sydney.

Think of classifying your objects into four main categories:

  • The objects you really care about and want to move with you
  • Items that you no longer want but that you could sell
  • Things you could give to charities
  • Waste and other materials you could send to recycling

Get rid of what you do not use anymore

Once sorting is done, you will be able to take the necessary actions to empty your garage. Above all, do not hesitate to get rid of your old things. Many people are reluctant to get rid of their old objects for fear that they might still need them. Now, tell yourself that if you do not use the object for a while, it is a sign that you no longer need it. A move is the perfect opportunity to clean up your garage.

Have the right material for the preparation of the packaging

After a good sort, the second key to a successful move is to have the right equipment to pack the boxes. If you are responsible for the packaging, make sure you have boxes of different sizes and durability, indelible ink pen and gummed tape about two inches wide to pack. Your property as it should. Add bubble sheets and newspaper to your list to wrap fragile items.

For things that can not be moved …

Some products are not tolerated by moving companies. This is the case for explosive and flammable products, such as paint or gasoline containers, propane cylinders or aerosol cans. These products cannot be transported because of the fire risks they can cause. It is therefore useless to pack them. In this case, you will need to see with a recovery centre how you can get rid of these items. Some movers will openly tell you to empty the fuel tanks of your seasonal appliances, such as the mower or snowblower, before proceeding. You will also have to consider getting rid of these products.

Treat the labelling of boxes

Box labelling is another crucial step in a successful move. Be sure to identify the contents of each box with markers and identify fragile items with labels already printed to tell the movers to handle them carefully. This will facilitate the organisation of boxes in the moving truck.

Other tips for packing your belongings

  • Place all the elements of the same nature together, for example, your tools, in the boxes.
  • For fragile items, use plastic bubble wrap.
  • Dismantle any loose objects, such as a shelf or a bicycle, to free up more space in the truck
  • Be careful not to overload your boxes; some of them could collapse or crush others with their contents in the truck.

Start with the garage

To avoid any form of stress during the day, it is best to start preparing for your move with the garage, and this, several months in advance. Starting with the garage, you will have more space to store other items in your home afterwards.

Do not hesitate to seek the help of your friends or family members to help you prepare for your move and get rid of your “old things from the past”.

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