Steps Towards Modernising Your Kitchen Design

Steps Towards Modernising Your Kitchen Design

If you think that your kitchen is in need of a facelift, but do not know where to start, it can be rather overwhelming trying to take the first step. Modern kitchen design does not have to be a big process all at once, however. If you are the type to want to be mindful of your budget, and do not want to make permanent changes just in case you do not like the new aesthetic or want to keep changing up the look of your cooking space to find the specific style you want, it is just as great of an idea to start on the little things to subtly change the feel of your kitchen and give you a taste of the modern.

Below, a few steps towards shifting your kitchen design to modern styles. Leave yesterday’s dated designs behind and move forward to modern times without breaking the bank with these savvy tips!

Change Up Your Paint

Do not underestimate the significant effect that a fresh coat of paint can have on the look and feel of a room. When working towards a modern kitchen design, it is important to focus on colours and shades that exude brightness and clarity, as this is a tactic often used to make any space look larger and high class.

Play With Lighting

A dimly-lit kitchen is not only a safety hazard for the members of your family who cook, but is also bland and boring. While the standard lights for any kitchen can suffice for your cooking purposes, consider replacing these with statement lights that will not only draw the eye, but will also provide a different kind of design that will freshen up the aesthetic of your kitchen.

Update Your Hardware

You do not have to spend thousands of dollars replacing your existing cabinets to modernise your kitchen. Instead, look at the details! Simply changing the dated hardware on cabinets can make the difference between a tired looking cooking area and a rejuvenated kitchen with style to match.

Use Artwork To Spice Up Your Cooking Space

Modern kitchen design relies on flat surfaces and geometric forms for the base of its styling. When thinking of adding artwork to your kitchen, remember that this applies, too! Big and bold is encouraged, and can even make the rest of your kitchen look larger by proportion. Not only will you be adding a unique piece to your cooking space, but you’d also be showing your future guests your impeccable taste in art as you begin the road to a modern kitchen design. This is a great way to slowly shift your kitchen’s look and feel without having to spend a lot with painting, renovating, and replacing cabinetry, which might not be an option for renters. If you end up not liking your chosen artwork, it can be as simple as taking it down and putting another one up with a different type of charm.


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