Replacement Oakville Windows and Doors – DIY or Hire an Expert

Replacement Oakville Windows and Doors – DIY or Hire an Expert

Finally, you have decided to replace your old windows and install new replacement Oakville windows. Congratulations! That will, without a doubt, have a dramatic impact on the entire appearance of your home as well as energy efficiency.

Deciding to install new replacement windows is just one step in a window replacement project. The next vital stage would be to decide whether to install the windows by yourself or hire a professional Oakville windows and doors installer like Total Home Oakville. Which way is best for you? Don’t take this step by a grain of sand. Poorly installed windows can affect your home’s performance significantly in aspects such as aesthetics, energy efficiency, and security.

  1. DIY Installation
    Is installing the windows by yourself a difficult undertaking?  Well, it will depend on the following:

    • Your experience and skills;
    • The available tools;
    • The total doors and windows to be installed;
    • Consider if the money you would salvage is worth the effort;
    • Whether you need the assurance of the work guaranteed.

    Suppose you have been doing DIY projects and have gathered many years of experience installing Oakville windows, or you already know how to do window replacement, plus you have enough time to do the job. In that case, there is nothing between you and getting started on your replacement project.

    The downside is that it may take longer, especially if you are installing many windows. While an expert may get the project done within two days, you will likely take more than that.

    The bottom line is that if you have decided to DIY your Oakville windows and doors, make sure you have enough time, some skills, the required tools, etc.

  2. Hiring A Professional
    There are a plethora of benefits associated with hiring a professional to install your Oakville windows and doors. They include: you won’t need to spend your time doing it, you will have the best installation, and in case there are issues with the installation, there could be a written warranty.

    There are two categories of professional installers; certified window company contractors and independent installers.

    1. Independent Installers
      If you have any installation work to be done in your home, don’t just hire anyone you meet along the streets. Take time in selecting the installer. For instance, you can ask for referrals from family members and friends. Narrow down the list and choose the best one. Some of the things to consider are whether he has the experience, how long he’s been in the business, his quote, as well as the relevant certifications.
    2. Company Contractors
      In most cases, these are big businesses and are able to assure their work. They usually have a strict set of credentials for their installers. However, just because it is a company, that doesn’t mean you should choose it without asking questions. Know the period the company has been in operation and all other questions you asked for independent contractors. This will give you a bigger picture of the company.
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