Must-Know Landscaping Ideas          

Must-Know Landscaping Ideas          

Landscaping is a great way to add beauty and value to your houses. Waddell landscaping services in Melbourne has great landscaping ideas for your house. What type of landscaping you should go for depends on various factors. But here is a list of landscaping ideas you can use at your homes to make it look more beautiful and greener. The tips are as follows:

  • Plant flowers as much as possible

Flowers have always been refreshing and pleasing to the eyes. They make your home look more beautiful and welcoming. Species like orchids, lilies, and roses can make the entrance of the home more attractive and colorful. Also, you can construct a fence in front of the home. This will blend in well with the surroundings. Planting flowers and vines inside the fence can give an aesthetic appeal to the home.

  • Multi-purpose yard

Create a backyard that can be used as a play area for toddlers and children. Children just love open playing areas. You can also place wooden benches and tables for comfortable sitting. You can also construct a small stage that can be used during events and parties in the house.

  • Romantic feel

Consult a landscape designer to reconfigure your lawn to make it a sitting area for you and your special one. Create large borders along with informal planting design. Install fountains if possible, replace children’s swing with a porch-style swing. Your partner will love it.

  • Vegetation and Herbs

You can also remove the entire lawn and replace it with planter boxes. This can be used for the cultivation of vegetables and fruits. This will keep your lawn safe when there is little or no water. You can also set up container sets on decomposed granite gravel to make compost out of domestic waste. This will enhance the growth of your lawn and plants.

  • Earthy look

If you are a person who enjoys afternoon strolls and outdoor adventures, you may choose an earthy look for your backyard. Make extensive use of natural stones in the yard. You can also construct a gravel-sitting area. Your relatives would enjoy sitting here.

  • Coastal Landscape

Give your home a beautiful contemporary look by including a swimming pool, spa, outdoor kitchen, etc with orange, blue and lavender shades that glow with bright sunlight around the pool. This will look similar to that of a coastal area.

  • Brownstone yard

Construct a backyard with wood seating and dining area as well as brownstone flooring. You can place plants such as ferns and maples to add greenery to the place. These plants are shade-tolerant, so shade won’t do any harm to them. Planting them gives an urban look and feel.

  • Space for large gatherings 

You can use your backyard as a space to accommodate large gatherings in events like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. It can be used just like an outdoor living room that features seat-high deck surroundings.

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