Learn More about Greer Custom Closets by Closet Pro

Learn More about Greer Custom Closets by Closet Pro

Things to Consider When Creating a Custom Closet

Creating a custom-designed closet is not something you wish to implement to improve your household’s overall value. Instead, the main reason for implementing this particular storage area is to have space specifically made for your specific needs.

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The main goal is to find a professional company that will help you along the way. The most significant difference between a perfectly designed and lousy closet is not based on price, but you will get after completing its functionality and space.

Even though you should know that having a quality closet will help you increase your home’s value, you need to think of it as the area you wish to enjoy.

Of course, the first consideration should be the type of closet you wish to design from scratch. Keep in mind that the most common styles include the reach-in or wall closets. Wall closets will provide you minimum depth, which means that you will use them in small rooms.

On the other hand, a walk-in closet will take square footage, which means that you will feel more comfortable while inside. However, you need to think of it and design it properly by finding a professional to help you with the process.

It would be best if you considered a few things when creating a closet system, which is why you should stay with us for more information.

1.Determine Closet Space

During the planning and initial stages of renovation, you need to determine the overall space you need. Generally, most people decide to renovate their closets due to a lack of space, which is why you need to assess your capabilities and needs beforehand.

For instance, you should see whether your bedroom has enough space so that you can use it for storage requirements. The best thing about it is that you can build it based on your preferences and needs.

Therefore, if you design it correctly, you will not need a large dresser in your bedroom, which means you can free some space in your area.

Besides, by relocating the closet area, you can use dead space within your household and redesign it based on your wishes.

2.Organize Your Current Situation

It is vital to maximizing your space to find areas for other belongings you can place inside. If you wish to make sure that you can put everything you have, we recommend creating a list of inventory.

That way, you will create an accurate representation of the type of wardrobe you should get. You can find a professional who can inspect your household and determine the right course of action.

If you wish to make sure that the new closet will meet your need, it is vital to group similar items together. Besides, it would help if you got rid of things you do not wish to wear anymore by selling or donating them.

As soon as you determine everything you own and have, you can make a storage list that will meet your needs and requirements.

If you have plenty of handbags or shoes, you may get a shoe rack. On the other hand, you should check out items you own to talk with the designer beforehand and meet your needs.

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3.Sharing a Closet

If you wish to start designing a mutual closet for her and him, you need to think about other aspects of the process apart from implementing separate sides. For instance, women’s shirts are shorter than men’s, which means you will need to create a room for both options.

For instance, your partner may enjoy hanging items on the fold, while you may enjoy hanging them straight so that you can avoid wrinkling. Men have items such as watches, belts, ties, and other miscellaneous items.

On the other hand, women need space for shoes, jewelry, and handbags. Therefore, for both requirements, you need to create different storage areas.

You do not have to split a closet 50/50 to get perfect symmetry. Instead, you can consider building a wardrobe suitable for both requirements at the same time.

Of course, often, women will require more space by implementing organizers, which will help you with the process.

Creating an inventory of items is the step we have mentioned above, which is something you should preset to the designer so that he/she can have a perspective of what you need.

4.Ergonomics Are Important

It is useless to reach far away so that you can find something you wear daily. If you wish to have open shelves, we recommend you place them at waist height so that you can see what you have inside.

Drawer’s fronts and doors should be underneath for additional protection and storage. Of course, you can place them in higher drawers when it comes to having accessories, underwear, and socks because they are frequently required.

If you wish to store things that you rarely wear, you can place them in outlying areas that are hard to reach, while things you wear frequently should be in front of you.

When you decide to create a custom closet, you will implement additions that will meet your needs and preferences. That way, you do not have to reorganize again in the future.

You should find a place for everything you wish to store, including accessories, jewelry, clothing, and other belongings.

5.Limit Drawers

Even though you may need drawers for particular items, including socks, lingerie, and jewelry, other things should be on shelves, such as T-shirts and sweaters.

You can get numerous benefits by reducing the number of drawers, including increasing the space you have.

Generally, drawers are indispensable, but they take up more space than shelves, which you need to remember before you make up your mind.

6.Shoe Storage

Finally, you should stop placing your shoes on a floor and find a more straightforward and convenient storage system for them.

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The best way to do it is to store them at mid-height rather than on the floor. You can find a wide array of options, including pullout shelves, which will maximize the storage space and provide you simple access.

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