Container Pricing And Other Important Factors To Consider For Shipping Container Homes

Container Pricing And Other Important Factors To Consider For Shipping Container Homes

Shipping container homes have become quite popular because they are affordable, stylish and quite durable since they are made of strong and sturdy heavy-duty steel. When looking out for shipping containers to buy, pricing is one of the most important factors to consider. But it isn’t the only thing to look at. There are a lot of other factors to consider as well in order if you will make the right choice:

  1. Rent or buy

You don’t always have to buy a container to build a home unless it is absolutely necessary. If you are looking to build a temporary residence that will only be used for a few weeks or month then you should consider renting a container rather than buying one. This will save you some costs. In most case, all you will have to do is pay for the rental and a couple of other fees. However, if you are planning on a more permanent structure, then you should settle for buying a container instead. The decision of whether to buy or sell is the very first step in determining other important details of your shipping container house.

If you are buying a container, then you should know how to choose one that is still in great working condition and would still be able to serve your purpose. You don’t actually need to buy a brand new container; a used container in relatively good condition should still work. However, you should be able to determine if the container you are buying isn’t too damaged to be used.

Typically, used containers are categorized using terms like “ISO Approved,” “Like New” “lightly damaged” and so on. However, asides such descriptive terms, there is a need for you to personally inspect the container to see if it will be good enough for your building project. If you are buying the container yourself, you will need to carry out simple background checks and confirm basic information about the container’s previous usage such as how long it has been in use, how many trips it has been used for, and if it has undergone repairs at some point in the past. Alternatively, if you are hiring a professional container home builder, then they can assist you with picking out the container and you can have greater confidence in their assessment.

To know how to find a good container, check this:

  1. How big are you going?

Another important point to consider is the size of the container you want to buy. This depends largely on a number of factors but mainly on the design of the structure you are going for.  This means you need to speak to your designer or architect about the structure you have in mind. People get creative with container homes these days and it isn’t uncommon to find homes with more than one boxes stacked side by side on top of each other. Generally speaking though, standard container comes are 20 foot or 40-foot size but may vary slightly in height and width. There are also several non-standard container sizes (custom sizes) available on sale as well. It is also possible to have containers cut down to specific sizes or welded into bigger sizes depending on your preferences.

Apart from the size you also have to decide if your container homes will be having any extra fixtures. These add-ons will further contribute to how much you will spend on your installation. These additional fixtures include the type of doors, window, flooring and so on. You also have to consider if you want luxury fixtures like HVAC units, shelves, and interior décor among other things. There is really no limit to how big you can go with your container home and how much you can customize it. It’s all a question of how much you are willing to spend on it.

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  1. Preparing for your container home

While container homes don’t need quite as much preparation as regular buildings, it still requires some level of planning too. First, if the city or state you are living in requires you to get a permit before you can install a container home, then you need to process your permits first before the project commences. Low traffic area, rural settlements, and construction sites don’t usually require more than a temporary permit if any is required at all. But if you live in a built-up area that gets a lot of traffic, then you most likely have to visit the city planning authorities for a permit.

You also have to have a site ready. In most cases, a container home is assembled off-site and is only dropped on your property once completed. However, you have to make adequate preparation on the site where you are dropping your new home. Site prep depends largely on the state of the ground before you bring in your container.

How much site prep you have to do also depends on the structure you are bringing in. if you are planning a massive container home with many units stacked together, then a more intricate process of site prep is required. In such cases, professionals have to be hired to handle the job.

pricing for a shipping container

  1. Delivery and installation

Once the site has been prepared, delivery is the next step of the process. In most cases, you will be charged extra fees for delivery based on your location and other factors such as how easy the site you are choosing is among other things.

Although most of the work on your container home is done off-site, there are cases where additional work will have to be done after the boxes have been delivered. This might include interior decoration, HVAC installation, electricity, and other luxury fixtures.


Container homes can be just as good, attractive and comfortable as regular homes if not even better. Yet they come at a fraction of the cost of regular homes. By hiring experts to handle your container home project and following these guidelines, you should have something that suits your need perfectly installed for you without eating too much into your finances.

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