Best bathroom Décor Ideas for 2019

Best bathroom Décor Ideas for 2019

No house is ever complete without a bathroom. A person, in general, spends almost two hours, or even more, in their bathroom, every week. With the ever-changing purview interior designing, it becomes essential for you to modernize the look of your bathroom. After all, nobody likes walking into a drab and primitive looking bathroom.

It doesn’t a lot of time and efforts for you to bring a wave of freshness into your bathroom and add a dash of swagger. Sunshine Coast Plumber has the perfect accessories to incorporate new additions to your bathroom, which will make it look special.

Here is an overview of a few décor ideas for bathrooms for 2019-

  1. Paint- The correct shade of the paint can make the smallest of bathrooms look large and spacious. You can have a bathroom large enough for playing Rugby with your kids, but without a good paint scheme, it will look lackluster. A boldly colored wall will draw attention and will create a great contrast. However, the paint scheme doesn’t need to be limited to just the walls. The cabinets and drawers can be given a touch up to look just as stylish, or they could carry over a playful color scheme from the walls to give the bathroom, a themed look.

  1. Tiles- Tiles come in a variety of colors and sizes, and not just the bland ones found most commonly in bathrooms. Even the tile laying pattern can make a significant difference. A diagonal tile pattern can make a bathroom look better. Modern bathroom tiles can be found in a variety of styles which appeal to different people and finding one of with regards to your liking isn’t very hard. White tiles do accentuate a feeling of cleanliness, while boldly colored tiles keep things interesting in smaller bathrooms. If you are worried about needing help for a future tile related renovation of your bathroom, Sunshine Coast Plumber has the perfect solutions to all your tile related needs.

  1. Lighting- When it comes to lighting, the use of proper lighting fixtures at the correct positions can make or break a bathroom. A bright light fixture will make a smaller bathroom look bigger, giving an illusion of space. Outdated lighting should be replaced, both for safety and style issues. Present trends are shifting towards the use of hanging pendants and light bars which emanate diffused light into the bathroom. Moreover, smart LED lighting fixtures which are controlled by mobile apps can be used to add an extra personal touch to the bathroom.

  1. Accessories- Many bathrooms are left bare and basic, without personalizing Something just as simple as a large sized mirror placed strategically can make a small bathroom look much bigger and spacious. A shower curtain with bold colors can ramp up the looks of a bathroom instantaneously. Candles can add to both the way a bathroom looks and smells.

  1. Art and craft– Bathroom walls don’t need to be empty. Just like a wall of any other room of your home, bathroom walls can also adorn your favorite art piece. Oversized proportions do give a better visual impact than keeping everything in exact measurement. Custom printing services can also help in this regard by creating the custom piece of your choice in any form or shape you desire.

The bathroom can be a perfect area to let your creativity come into play. Sunshine Coast Plumber can help you in almost every way in making your bathroom look the exact way you want it to.  It’s time to make that bathroom look up to date.

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