A Guide On The Top Activities To Try In Cairo This Summer

A Guide On The Top Activities To Try In Cairo This Summer

During the summer season, Cairo can be a very hot place, but this shouldn’t put you off booking an Egypt holiday. The unrelenting sun rises at 5 Am and only goes down at 8 Pm. During the summer period, it is not uncommon to see a mass exodus in Cairo, with the people who can afford the cost moving to coastal retreats. You can however still navigate Cairo during the summer months and still have a memorable time. Some of the basic rules for navigating Cairo during the summer include knowing where to find the pools, avoiding microbuses in the afternoon as they can get uncomfortably hot and touring early to avoid the heat waves in the day. Here are some interesting this you can do in Cairo.

Go To The Salah El Din Citadel’s Music Festival

If you can brave the extreme summer heat in August, you can enjoy a perfect summer day by attending this music festival. Over the years, it has proven to be one of the biggest summer attractions in Egypt with locals and tourists braving the heat to enjoy the festival. Local musicians and their contemporaries from Arab countries usually perform in this festival. Tickets to the Salah El Din Citadel’s festival come cheap as they cost just LE5. On getting a ticket, you can attend this festival which normally runs between 8 pm and 10 pm.

After the night has set, you can roam the highly inviting streets of Cairo. There, you are likely to come across locals relaxing in one of the many cafes as they enjoy a pipe of shisha.

Relax As You Puff On A Shisha Pipe

During the summer, most of the socialising in Cairo happens after the sun has gone down. In the evenings, you are likely to see locals bringing out plastic chairs to enjoy the cool climate. Further, you are also likely to observe the streets becoming more crowded. Since Egyptians like to relax at the end of the day while puffing on some nightly shisha, you can pick your desired flavour (the cool flavour is usually ideal during summer), purchase a lemonade and recharge after an exhausting day. If you are partial to alcoholic beverages, you can grab a beer at the historic Windsor hotel or the Barrel Bar.

If you are looking to enjoy Egyptian culture, you can enjoy cultural performances at the Opera House in Cairo.

Visit The Opera House In Cairo

The building that houses the Cairo opera stands on the foundation of the Royal Opera House which was razed down by an inferno in 1971. The Cairo Opera House is an architectural marvel that houses the performances given by artists such as the Heritage Arab Music Ensemble, modern Egyptian dance troupes and the Cairo Symphony Orchestra. Upcoming Egyptian artists also perform in this Opera House.

On visiting the opera, you can expect to be treated to a fusion of classic ballads and performances by modern maestros. Unfortunately, the Cairo Opera House is usually closed during the month of August. However, on any other month, you can purchase a ticket to the opera and enjoy the performances by different artistes. After a night of great performances, you can stroll down the famous Qasr El Nil bridge. Here, you can interact with other tourists and locals as they enjoy the breathtaking scenes and cool breeze from the Nile.

Visit A Swimming Pool

During summer, the heat in Cairo makes it virtually impossible to interact during the middle of the day. In the Cairo summer heat, planning for any activities is one of the surest ways to get sweaty and dusty. The best way to spend afternoons during this period is at a swimming pool. You can visit the Gezira Club in Zamalek for a day pool pass that costs LE150. In this club, there is an Olympic swimming pool for experienced swimmers and another pool for lounging. If you are partial to a better view while in a pool, you can try the Hilton Hotel to get top-of-the-range pool services and more stylish comfort.

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