Window Dressings for Every Style and Budget

Window Dressings for Every Style and Budget

How you style your windows can have a dramatic effect on your room, really transforming it. We’ve put together our recommendations to suit every style and budget

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Ready-made curtains are a cost-effective way to add flair and style. The main challenge will be in choosing a design and fabric with so many wonderful options out there! House Beautiful magazine has some great ideas.

Also consider whether to opt for tab headers, which give a more relaxed feel, or eyelet headers, which give a sleeker vibe. Always make sure to check which will fit your chosen curtain poles, though.

Made for You

For a touch of luxury, custom-made curtains are a great investment. They also work particularly well with tilt and turn windows such as those from They let you really stamp your unique style on a room but do come with a hefty price tag.

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Making Waves

For electric curtain rails, definitely consider wave headers. They give such a minimal, sophisticated vibe and glide open smoothly and seamlessly.

All About the Swag

If a more luxurious feel is what you are after, swags and tails fit the bill. Make sure your room is grand enough to pull them off, though!

Café Feelings

To prevent nosey-parkers peeking in and to create a cosy feel, café curtains work well. They also let lots of light in and are very cost-effective.

Keep It Sheer

These elegant curtains can be layered for a great look or work well to keep the sun out. They create a lovely floaty atmosphere.

Black It Out

For the ultimate in keeping the sun at bay, blackout blinds are the way forward. These are especially good for those with young children or who like a lie-in.


Often over-looked, hold and tie-backs are a great way to add a touch of style and luxury to your room. They also help to let in light and keep heavier curtains out of the way.

Don’t Forget the Blinds

There are an almost endless number of blinds to choose from – Roman, Viennese, London and even bamboo. For those on a budget or for smaller rooms, they can be a great alternative to curtains. Or mix up curtains and blinds for a versatile feel.

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