Jigsaw and Circular Chainsaw Differences

Jigsaw and Circular Chainsaw Differences

There are two types of chainsaws that can be chosen as tools in your home, if you are a hobbyist with wood working, or often do activities of creating with wood. Either it makes cabinets, tables, chairs or other wooden furniture. The saw machines are divided to Jigsaw machine and Circular saw machine. Check also best circular saw to help you get better work for your wood working.

At first glance, from the shape alone can see the difference. And you who have long struggled in the world of working wood would know for sure, what the function of each tool is specific. When to use a Jigsaw machine, and when to use a Circular sawing machine. Because ideally, a wood worker must have both, to support his work.

If you are confused which chainsaw is better to support your work, you should read this article further!

From the principle of work, it can be seen that the two types of sawing machines are different, where the movement cuts on jigsaw blades is up and down (or back and forth like a whipsaw / manual) while on a circular saw with a rotating spinning eye. If compared, both types of sawing machines have advantages and disadvantages of each, the following explanation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Jigsaw Machines


The jigsaw machine is a saw machine that moves its sawing eyes up and down, and is commonly used for cutting wood, especially to form squiggly cuts. Because the blade of his thin blade cutting machine is less suitable for cutting thicker boards because it will produce less flat pieces. If you want to cut thick plywood with circle shape, oval or other indentation shape, then this machine will be very helpful.

Jigsaw machines have several types of knives / saw blades, some are smooth, rough and others are subject to use. Rough blades produce fast but less tidy pieces, but fine blades produce smoother but more time-consuming pieces.

1. Advantages of Jigsaw Machine

Generally, the electrical power used is smaller than circular sawing machine. Jigsaw can be moved more freely during cutting, so they can cut zigzags, curls or curves.

In terms of weight, it is generally lighter when compared to a circular sawing machine. Jigsaw machine can be used to cut some material, not just wood. But with the note made an adjustment between the material to be cut with a saw blade used. Position of work field is more flexible. It should not be used on flat work desks.

2. Weakness of Jigsaw Chainsaw

For straight and long cutting of wood, it takes longer time compared to a circular sawing machine. From the shape of the saw blade, it is to be expected, if the jigsaw blades are more easily broken than circular saw blades.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Circular Saw Machine

The working principle of circular sawing machine is same as grinding machine. Where the cutting blades are circular driven rotate using electric motors. The thickness of the wood that can be cut with circular saws depends on the radius of the blades that can be mounted on the machine.

Compared to jigsaw saw machines, the advantages and disadvantages of circular sawing machines are as follows.

1. Advantages of Circular Sawing Machine

Circular saws are more convenient, fast and easy when used for cutting long wood with straight cuts. Circular blades are relatively more durable when compared with jigsaw saw blades that tend to break easily. It also cannot be separated from the treatment and how to use these tools.

2. Weakness of Circular Saw Machine

Cannot be used to cut wooden board in a circle or zigzag. Electric power used is generally larger when compared to jigsaw saw machine. Circular sawing machine is heavier. Therefore, a flat work field is required for safety and comfort at work.

As mentioned above, ideally, you should have both if you want to work in the wood working sector. Because these two saws machines have their respective roles and are indispensable when doing your job. But if you are still limited in cost, then choose to prioritize the purchase of Jigsaw sawing machine first. May be useful!

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