Duct Cleaning Mississauga: What Experts Want You to Know.

Duct Cleaning Mississauga: What Experts Want You to Know.

Air ductwork system, whether commercial or residential, can harbor a lot of contaminants which can affect your health. For instance, mould can cause serious respiratory problems that can cost you a lot of money in paying for medical bills. As such, it is essential to opt for duct cleaning Mississauga to avoid these problems. It is also recommended to clean your furnace and A.C unit to make sure your indoor air is clean always.

There are various methods that companies use to clean ductwork system. As part of the commercial or residential duct cleaning process, some companies advise on the use of some chemicals that are intended to sanitize the air ducts. Some of these chemicals include the following. See more here.

  1. A Sealant.

If you decide to use a sealant, it will be used by a professional company all over the ductwork system. The goal is that utilizing the sealant will aid in preventing the particles from the ductwork escaping into the leaving space. However, according to EPA, there is no concrete justification as to whether using a sealant would prevent contaminants from escaping into the living space, though the manufacturers of those sealants urge so. According to the research done to ascertain this, it was reported that spraying the chemicals don’t necessarily cover the whole surface of the ductwork. According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, and Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractor’s National Association, the sealants should be used only in some cases. Such cases when a sealant should be used include repairing the fiberglass connected in the HVAC system. The sealants can also be used in repairing duct surfaces damaged by fire.

  1. A Biocide.

You might have heard about this sanitizing chemical, but you may not know that it can also be used on the ducts. A biocide is a chemical that is used to sanitize a bacterial or fungal infected surface. When used on the ductwork system, it kills mould, mildew, bacteria, fungi, and other germs. It also prevents those pathogens from re-emerging again. However, most biocides are not effective on all materials. For example, most of them have proved to be very effective on ducts made of plane metal sheet and not on fiberglass air ducts.

As is the case with many chemicals which are used in other places, opting for a biocide after duct cleaning Mississauga process, there is a danger involved. For instance, some of your family members are allergic; the chemical might affect them due to allergic reactions. As a result of this risk, if your air duct cleaning Mississauga professional recommends the use of a biocide, ask him to show you proof that there is growth in your ductwork system. Also, you may want to know if using a biocide will prevent such growth (if any) in the future, by curtailing the condition that resulted in the growth. Remember that only a professional can identify if there is mould in your ductwork and advise you on the best steps to take to eliminate it and prevent its reoccurrence.

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