Are solar pool heaters really that effective than the other options?

Are solar pool heaters really that effective than the other options?


Swimming pools are one of the of the best relaxing activity that many people prefer. But what if you wish to relax in the winters when you just cannot afford to put your toe in water? Would you be risking your health by taking a dip in the freezing water? Well, of course not. The best way to overcome this issue is to heat up the swimming pools to a certain degree so that you do not feel cold and can enjoy your time. Well, there are a number of ways through which you can heat up your pool, a gas pump, an electric pool, etc.

What if you can do the job with saving costs?

But what if you have the option to heat up your swimming pool rather than paying hefty amounts for it? Yes, with the advancement in technology, there is an effective way through which you can get the job done. There are a new addition in the collection with new solar swimming pool heaters. The only thing that you need to make sure is that the place where your swimming pool is situated should not be covered with trees or buildings in the surroundings. You will only need to ensure that the solar panels are there by the sun side so that the panels are charged accordingly.

Another important thing that people generally don’t consider is that the pool heater is not only a heater. In comparatively hotter weathers where the water has instead gone relatively warmer, the heater can work as a cooler to lower down the temperature. This is an excellent way to handle temperature according to your needs. You will only need to check the temperature, see if it suits you, and alter it according to your requirements. You can find some of the best swimming pool pumps at the Gold Coast.

Where to install?

Now, having done all the planning, you need to decide where to install the solar panel. The solar panels can be placed by the pool side, on the roof or flat on the garden. The only condition that should be met is the panel receiving enough sunlight. Although when you will buy a swimming pool heater, it will accompany a single or maybe two panels. But you can always add the panels according to your preference. Many people add two to three additional panels in order to fasten the process or if they have a large swimming pool to cater.

The best part about this is that you will not need to run around trying to find someone for the installation of solar panels. The panels can be installed very easily and are extremely light weighted too. So, you can always get the solar panels and install them easily.

How much temperature change can it bring?

Well, it depends. On bright sunny days, with the sunlight directly impacting on the solar panels, they might increase about 10 to 15 degrees in no time. There is a solar blanket that comes along with the solar heat system. This solar blanket is used to make sure that ones the pool is warmed, there will be no heat emission after that.

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