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Day: November 25, 2019

Why Buy Commercial String Lights?

Why Buy Commercial String Lights?

Lighting plays an integral part in any decor set-up and can help set the mood for an entire space. String lights are a great way to create a warm, welcoming ambiance. However, many people may feel overwhelmed by the endless options of string lights available. Generally, two of the most popular choices include standard string lights and commercial string lights. Below, we take a look at what commercial string lights can offer over regular string lights, which will help you choose the style of lights that are right for you.

Commercial Grade or Standard Grade?

Most people are familiar with standard grade string lights. These are the ones that wrap around our Christmas trees, for example. They are easily accessible, affordable, and very popular for both indoor and outdoor use.

As the name implies, commercial light strings are designed specifically for businesses such as restaurants, bistros, or other places that need permanent outdoor lighting in both indoor and outdoor areas.

Whether you are looking to buy some string lights for your home or business, standard string lights will often do. However, if you are looking for more durable, longer-lasting lights you may want to consider investing in commercial string lights instead. Initially, these will cost more, but they will also last longer and you won’t have to replace them as often as the standard ones. Commercial string lights have the following features:

  • They have weather-proof sockets and a heavy-duty cord that can be hard-wired, making them ideal for permanent outdoor
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