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Day: August 2, 2019

Top 5 Benefits of Roller Shutters

Top 5 Benefits of Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are basically protective doors or windows that feature a series of horizontal slats designed to protect your home against the effects of rain, wind and fire. They are also strong enough to protect you from thieves and vandals. The use of roller shutters is not limited to just doors and windows or as protective barriers. You might find them used as insulators on windows to prevent the damage caused by a hailstorm.

To open or shut them, you would have to raise it and “shut it”. For windows, this is typically done manually but if you are using them on regular doors or a very large entryway like your garage, you may want to opt for the motorized one that sees you conducting these same motions at the flick of a button. When they are closed, you lock them to secure them in place and this action can be either manual or automatic.

Roller shutters come in different shapes and sizes

You have the square roller shutter which is the most common type and then you have the round roller shutters which are mostly used in small spaces. Either of them can be customised to fit the space that you need them for. Size and dimensions are not the only things that dictate the type of roller shutter you should use. Your home needs can determine what kind of roller shutter works best. For a more flexible approach to your window needs, you could opt for a roller … Read More

5 Common Recycling Mistakes in Sydney

5 Common Recycling Mistakes in Sydney

Although it took quite some time, recycling has finally become a common practice in today’s modern society. We have learned that it offers a wide range of positive environmental impacts, including reducing landfill waste and energy consumption, decreasing pollution, as well as preserving natural resources – among others.

Of course, while we are moving in the right direction when it comes to recycling, there are still some common mistakes that are being made, thereby rendering the process useless.

Here are 5 common recycling mistakes made in Sydney, along with their counterpart recycling tips to make your efforts fruitful:

  1. Plastic bags in recycling bins

According to a recent survey, putting plastic bags in recycling bins is Australia’s #1 recycling mistake. What a majority of Australians are unaware of is that recycling facilities are not equipped to handle plastic bags of any type, as they can clog up the machinery. In turn, plastic bags are sent straight to landfills.

In order to avoid this, it is recommended to recycle plastic bags at your local supermarket through their recycling program(s).

  1. Recyclables in general waste bins

Putting recyclables into general waste bins does not disrupt the recycling process; however, it is considered unnecessary waste that ends up going straight to landfills.

Familiarising yourself with what can and cannot be recycled is a great way to be mindful the next time around. For an easy reference guide, consider the RecycleSmart app, which can help you to make smarter waste disposal and recycling management decisions.

  1. Food
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How Often Should You Service Your Aircon?

How Often Should You Service Your Aircon?

Similar to servicing your car, your AC unit requires regular servicing (at least once a year) to ensure that it is running at full capacity. However, you may choose to skip servicing in fear of getting stuck with a big bill.

The truth of the matter is that this decision will end up costing you in the long-run. A replacement can run up to thousands of dollars, whereas regular servicing will only add to the lifespan of your AC unit.

Time to call in a professional

Of course, there are several scenarios where you may need to get your AC unit serviced on a more frequent basis. For this reason, you must be vigilant of any signs that your AC unit is not performing as it should.

Signs indicating that it is time to call in a professional include:

  • Diminished airflow – If you notice the airflow coming from your AC unit has vastly diminished, it is often a sign of a severe problem. The air filters may need to be replaced or there could be a blockage in the drainpipe, but if it is neither of these things, then the compressor may need to be replaced.
  • Hot air instead of cold – When your AC unit experiences a switch from cold to hot air, this is most definitely a problem. Two of the most common issues that can arise from this scenario are a defective compressor or low refrigerant.
  • Excess moisture or leakage – The small amount of water
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