Six simple home energy saving tips

Your boiler is one of the hardest working appliances in your home, producing heat and hot water around the clock to ensure that your house is a comfortable, functional and a pleasant place to be. It is also one of your home’s largest energy consumers, so here are six easy energy saving tips that will help you to save money and do your bit to protect the planet

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Give your radiators space

Obstructions, including furniture and curtains can prevent the efficient circulation of warm air around a room. This means that radiators will need to work harder to maintain the temperature of your home and will consume more energy in the process.

Turn down the temperature

Lowering your thermostat by one degree could reduce your energy consumption by as much as 6%. As this article explains, both health and energy experts agree that the optimum temperature for the home is between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius.

If your boiler is struggling to maintain a consistent temperature, it is important to contact a professional as soon as possible. Many teams, including a Gloucester boiler repair company, whose services can be seen here, offer same-day appointments to get your heating and hot water system running smoothly.

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Ensure pipes and taps are well maintained

As leakages will negatively impact the efficiency of your home’s hot water system, addressing any dripping taps and pipes as soon as possible is important.

Practice effective heat loss prevention

Heat loss … Read More

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Crafting a Cozy Guest Room

Creating a homey refuge out of your bedroom is a simple task – when you’re designing for yourself. You know what your favorite colors to be surrounded by are, what books you prefer, and what you want to fill the walls with to capture and entertain your eye as you drift off to sleep. Designing a welcoming guest bedroom, however, can be an exercise in confusion. The room needs to be welcoming and comfortable to any of the unique individuals who may stay there, and designing with others in mind can be challenging at best. Keeping the end goal in mind, a comfortable relaxing retreat for your loved ones, is the first step toward crafting the perfect guest room.

The second step is dressing the bed. The bed is the place your guest will spend most of their time when they’re in their room, so it needs to be inviting. You can find bed covers in an infinite array of colors and patterns and fabric qualities so make sure whatever your personal style, you keep an eye out for a set with a high thread count made with natural fibers. A good 100% cotton sheet set with a comforter or duvet is a good start, but you can really up the cozy factor by folding an extra plush blanket on the foot of the bed and tossing a couple fluffy pillows on top. Your guest can choose whether or not to use the extra warmth and padding provided, but having … Read More

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